Welcome to the H. M. S. Hood 3D-Project!
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This page is dedicated to the 3-dimensional reconstruction of the H. M S. Hood. The goal is to computer-generate an accurate and detailed version of the ship (like James Cammerons Titanic) using LightWave 3D and to allow insights into the practical, scientific and artistic aspects of this process. However, instead of providing all the answers, I hope that this site will serve as a platform for dialog between you, me and other people interested in this subject.

The first stage of this volunteer project focuses on obtaining a historically accurate representation of the H. M. S. Hood utilizing pictures, drawings and technical schematics. This phase is extremely important, since the merit of all future efforts will depend on the depth and quality of this research.

I estimate that the research phase will account for about 2/3 of the total project time. In general, German ships are much easier to model, because their appearance was not subject to frequent changes. In contrast, judging by the numerous modifications, the H. M. S. Hood seems almost like my little daughters "Lego construction set". Apparently, the British Navy had a lot of fun reconstructing everything. My hope is that there are people out there, who can help me in my endeavor to computer-generate a picture of the H. M. S. Hood, which is as historically accurate and real as possible. Since this is a volunteer project, I cannot offer any pay for your assistance. But if you would like to help me with pictures, plans and information, please contact me and let me know under what conditions I can use these materials.

Thomas Schmid