Hi folks,

I, Thomas Schmid, am 36 years old and live in Augsburg (Bavaria), Germany.

As a 10-year old boy I enjoyed assembling plastic ship and airplane models made by Airfix, Revell etc.  Looking back on my 10 years of 3D computer modeling experience, I realize, that this passion of mine represented the first step in my 3D modeling career.

After studying Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Augsburg, I worked with the first professional PC-based 3D-Software, 3D-Studio R1. Five years ago, theI impressive features of Newtek´s LightWave 3D package made me switch to LightWave 3D for most of my modeling projects.  Did you know that Digital Domain used LightWave 3D to bring the Titanic-Movie on the screen?

Since 4 years, I work as freelance CG-Artist for the film and video industry in Germany.
This means, you can hire me, if you have some visualisation needs! It´s cheaper than you may think!


Oh, I forgot: Here is the best 3D-model and rendering I ever did!

Thomas Schmid