H. M. S. Hood - 3D Project - Products

You find a choice of unusual 3D products on this web page.
The individual products are produced as limited edition,
independent of demand.
Lenticular 3D prints Limited edition!
Lenticular 3D images are image where the viewer believes
they are looking into a 3D environment
Rendered Plansets available soon!
A must have for every H.M.S.Hood enthusiast

CD-ROM Collection available soon!
An outstanding set of Warship related multimedia tools.

How to order products.

Order the product via PayPal. A fast, secure and cost free way to sent money around the world!
If you like to use a different order/payment method, use the alternate payment button!
After your order is accepted you will
receive an email with the product
description and your edition number!
As soon as the the product is shipped to
you, you will be notified! This will take
about one week because limited editions are
mostly custom made!